Admission Requirements

  1. The student is admitted to the Department through the Ministry and a ministerial order issued in the names of the students according to the average.
  2. The names of the students are submitted by the Master Registration / Registration and Student Affairs Department (paper + CD) to the department in which the student is accepted.
  3. Admission committee is established in the department for the purpose of registering the accepted students.
  4. The student is asked to produce the following documents:
    a.Original school document.
    b. School card.
    c. Medical examination of the student.
    d. Student identification documents (identity card + nationality certificate + housing card + ration card) colored copies / number 4.
    e. Parents documents (status ID + nationality certificate).
    f. Copy of all documents on CD.
    g. Writing a pledge to the student.
    h. Fill out the electronic registration form.
    i. Cut attendance-receipt.
    j.Holding the guarantor.
  5. The branch is allocated by the Ministry and an administrative order issued by acceptance.

If the student is accepted through the first rank student channel, he/she has to produce the following documents:

  1. Ministerial order to accept.
  2. Addressing the transferred university for the purpose of withdrawing the student's file and providing the first stage and the final grade
  3. An administrative order shall be accepted in the section based on the ministerial order
  4. University order accepted by the university
  5. The student's ID is received from the transferred university and the grades will be addressed to the main registration for the purpose of correcting the issuance of the book received from the university.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Preparing the student's graduation card. The card preparing committee is formed, which in turn prints and checks the card and keeps track of its administrative items in the main registration department at the university. After preparing the graduation card, the department can issue documents for graduates certificate.
  2. Distributing a form of information for the students of fourth stage, including their full name, stage, branch, telephone number and E-mail for the way of communication with the students and for registration purposes, including contact with students when needed.
  3. After the results have been published, an administrative order document is issued by the results and sent to the main registration department at the university for the purpose of issuing a university graduation order for the purpose of issuing graduate certificates.

Note: The student is given a clearance form before the final results appear.

Admission plan

 year No. of Students
2017-2018 102
2019-2020 120 Morning study
120 Evening Study

Weekly Schedule

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