Staff reports

 Reports of the delegates of the department

Name Destination Date  Details
Asst. Prof. Dr. Muayad S. Croock University of Central Oklahoma, USA 26 June 2015
Asst. Lect. Afnan Adel University of Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman 9-11 Dec 2014
Lect. Sarmad A. Altaie Basrah, Iraq 23 Oct 2013
Dr. Basim Abd Albaki University of Hosio, Korea 9 Nov 2012 -
Dr. Hasan Ewhayed, Dr. Mohammed Najm Abdullah Taiwan 23 Sept 2012 -
Dr. Hasan Ewhayed Berlin, Germany 25 Sept 2010 - 2 Oct 2010 
Dr. Mahmud K. Al-Shammari Herot Wat University, UK 23 Sept 2012
Eng. Raghdah Jameel Berlin, Germany 15 Apr 2010 - 15 Nov 2010

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