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    DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER Engineering - UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY E-LEARNING USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM E-learning has been activated in the Department of Computer Engineering as directed by the Presidency of the University of Technology as follows: - Design and launch the registration form to obtain the official mail for students of preliminary studies on the link (https://goo.gl/YVKxS6) And graduate students on the link (https://goo.gl/uDuKkB).      - Addressing the Information Technology Center to establish the official accounts of the registered students. - Start the establishment of electronic classes for postgraduate studies and add the teachers and their students according to the scientific materials. Video tutorial on how to use the e-learning environment Google Classroom. E-learning classes 2020-2021

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Legal Unit

About the unit

The legal unit regulates the legal affairs of the department such as organizing legal guarantee transactions and guaranteeing students of preliminary and higher studies, these are considered one of the conditions of admission in our university, it also organizes the guarantees of employees in addition, the unit expresses legal opinion in various transactions and financial guarantees for students coming from outside Iraq, it sends the legal representatives to the courts and police stations for the purpose of following up the forgery cases of the forgers and all other cases related to the department. The staff of the unit are in charge with co-chairing and membership of the various investigative committees. The necessity of the presence of the legal member in these committees is to apply the laws and regulations in force, in addition to the undertaking of the marriage matrimony.

Tasks and Duties of the Unit

The tasks and duties of the legal unit are divided into several tasks according to their nature as follows:

  1. Rights

It follows up the work of the investigative committees that are formed in the college and follow up the implementation of its recommendations after the association with the approval of the head of the department or the president of the university or the minister according to authority to legal affairs department in the presidency of the university. It also follows up the legal proceedings held by the unit to claim the rights of the department.

  1. Providing legal opinion

The legal unit submits and presents the legal opinion to the head of the department in the legal affairs of the department. The opinion includes all the legal competencies from the conclusion of different contracts or disciplinary or civil procedures.

  1. Contracts and Guarantees

The legal unit also regulates the contracts in which the department is a party and the various subjects and contracts of work and the mechanism of cooperation between the department and other government institutions for the department's authorized employees to complete their studies inside Iraq. The unit also regulates the guaranties required to be submitted under the laws and regulations in force. These include the guarantees of graduate students who are diplomatically enrolled in Iraq and the guarantees of the students of the primary morning and evening studies.

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