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    DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER Engineering - UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY E-LEARNING USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM E-learning has been activated in the Department of Computer Engineering as directed by the Presidency of the University of Technology as follows: - Design and launch the registration form to obtain the official mail for students of preliminary studies on the link (https://goo.gl/YVKxS6) And graduate students on the link (https://goo.gl/uDuKkB).      - Addressing the Information Technology Center to establish the official accounts of the registered students. - Start the establishment of electronic classes for postgraduate studies and add the teachers and their students according to the scientific materials. Video tutorial on how to use the e-learning environment Google Classroom. E-learning classes 2020-2021

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Quality Division

About the Division:
The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) was established in the Department of Computer Engineering in 2007 and was transferred to the Division in 2010. The Division seeks to build an effective quality assurance system in the department by spreading the culture of quality and academic accreditation among all employees in the department.

Tasks of the Division:

  1. Preparing comprehensive annual  self-assessment reports for all sections in the department, which deal with key themes that highlight the overall academic process and programs for the purpose of diagnosing the weaknesses and threats faced.
  2. Drawing strategic plans to address all the problems and obstacles that are included as weaknesses and challenges within the self-assessment report within a specified period of time.
  3. Following-up and marking the percentage of achievement specified in the plans prepared for the purpose of diagnosing their outputs and their implications for overcoming and overcoming the obstacles.
  4. Following-up of reports and statistical data received from agencies with a relationship to the needs of the labor market and the fate of graduates and their outputs.
  5. Following-up and documenting the evaluation of the abuse of teachers, technicians and administrators working in the department in accordance with the approved forms prepared for this purpose.
  6. Contacting and direct coordination with the department of quality assurance and university performance at the university to follow up the procedures and requirements of the process of quality assurance and academic accreditation.
  7. Cooperating with the quality assurance people in the corresponding departments and colleges in the Iraqi universities to exchange experiences.
  8. Participating in local and international seminars, courses, conferences and workshops on quality assurance and academic accreditation.
  9. Archiving and saving reports and data in a dedicated document room in a way that ensures easy access.
    Completion of all requirements of academic accreditation and readiness of inspection teams and field visits conducted by specialized experts from universities, organizations and bodies in the field of quality assurance for the purpose of achieving the required academic accreditation.
  10. Completing all academic accreditation requirements and preparing for inspection teams and field visits conducted by specialized experts from universities, organizations and bodies in the field of quality assurance for the purpose of achieving the required academic accreditation.
  11. Any other tasks assigned to the Division contribute to quality support and academic accreditation.

Training and workshops in the field of quality:

  1. Participating in the Training and Planning Unit in the Administrative Affairs Department.
  2. Participating in the Symposium on Quality, Pursuit and Academic Accreditation, 2012.
  3. Quality at the University of Technology Reality and Future Vision, 2013.
  4. Workshop (mechanisms to raise the level of performance and quality in accordance with the standards of the universities) established in the Department of Construction and Construction Engineering / University of Technology, 2013.

Publications of Division:

  1. Preparation of the self-report.
  2. Preparation of the optimization plan.
  3. Preparation of student guide.
  4. Preparation of the calendar file.
  5. Evaluation of teachers, engineers, staff.
  6. Preparation of the report of the Arabian Universities Union.

Good laboratory practice

Academic Program Description:

  1. Academic Program Description of Information Engineering Branch 2019-2020.
  2. Academic Program Description of Computer Networks Engineering Branch 2019-2020.

E-mail of the Division:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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