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A graduate student from the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Technology (Basma Ahmed Jalil) has been awarded a Master of Science degree in “Interactive System For Tourist and Trade Institutions based on QR code and Mobile Application”, on 08 August, 2019 at the conference hall of the Computer Engineering Department.

In her thesis, the researcher proposed a system to guide and monitor the visitors inside these institutions, in addition, provide a convenient way of shopping and payment in the trade institutions such as malls. The proposed system’s design consists of QR code tag, a designed mobile application and a network infrastructure which is constructed of: Raspberry pi3 working as Wi-Fi access point and local server, main server, switch and communication links.

The presented system has been implemented in real environment (mall and museum) by using three Raspberries, QR tag, android mobile phone, laptop (as main server), switch and Ethernet cables. The obtained results verified what the system is designed for, in both implementation environments. After reading the QR code, the information is presented into two forms: briefed and detailed. furthermore, the guide information is provided to the user in two stages, brief from the local server, and detail from the main server, reduces the load on the main server and on the whole network. This leads to avoid the network congestion.

The discussion committee consisted of four members, Asst. Prof. Dr. Amjad J. Hameedy from the University of Technology – Iraq / Control and Systems Engineering Department as Chairman, Asst. Prof. Dr. Dheya J. kadhim from the Baghdad University / Engineering College / Electrical Engineering Department as a member, Asst. Prof. Dr. Riyadh J. Sunday from the University of Technology – Iraq / Computer Engineering Department as a member, and Prof. Dr. Salih M. Muarig as a member and supervisor from the University of Technology – Iraq / Control and Systems Engineering Department.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed N. Abdullah received an appreciation certificate for his participation in the scientific conference “International Iraqi Conference on Engineering Technology and Its Application (2nd ICCETA)”, on August 27-28, 2019. The conference was Sponsored by IEEE IRAQ Section and held at the Islamic University – Najaf, Technical Engineering College.

Monday, 09 September 2019 07:41

Consulting Office Membership Elections

According to instructions from the University of Technology President (Prof. Dr. Emad H. Al-Husseini) the consulting office membership elections took place in the computer engineering department conference hall on Wednesday 4-9-2019. The elections supervised by the computer engineering department head (Prof. Dr. Ahmed S. Abdul-Amir) in the presence of faculty members were transparent, resulting in the nomination of three faculty members (Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassan J. Hassan), (Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed N. Abdullah), and (Asst. Prof. Dr. Bassim A. Jumaa) to represent the department.

Sunday, 08 September 2019 07:37

Faculty and staff meeting

The Computer Engineering Department held a faculty, and staff meeting headed by the administrative deputy (Dr. Ahmed S. Kareem), information engineering branch head (Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayman D. Salman), and the network engineering branch head (Senior Lect. Ammar A. Rashid) On Monday, 2-9-2019 in the conference hall.

The meeting discussed several important administrative matters includes: establishment of an annual supervisory committee to follow up and archive the department staff scientific and administrative tasks. Also, vital questions were asked by the attendees about few obstacles that hinders the department work and how to address them.

The administrative deputy emphasized the need to hand over the faculty teaching portfolio because of its impact in elevating the university ranking within the global classification.

The Senior Lecturer (Sarmad A. Altaie) in the Computer Engineering Department received a certificate from Publons Academy on 23/7/2019, qualifying him as a peer reviewer recognized by International organization Clarivate-Web of Science, after completing the course requirements, passing the exams successfully, and evaluating two scientific research papers following the international standards.

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