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Under the patronage of the University President (Prof. Dr. Emad H. Al-Husseini), the university held a symposium entitled (institutional general weak performance problem) which is a part of symposiums series about the university role in the community on Thursday, 14-11-2019, at the University Theater. The computer engineering department representatives in the symposium were the Administrative Affairs Deputy (Dr. Ahmed S. Karim), Quality Assurance Division Director (Dr. Ameer M. Al-Sadi), Media Unit Director (Dalal F. Khazaal) and a number of department staff.

The Ministers Council General Secretariat Advisor (Prof. Dr. Kamal Al-Basri) presented a lecture to explain the developmental performance fundamentals in government which require political, economic, social and human capital. He elaborated that transparency and openness in the governmental decision-making process with respecting of the law, leads to efficient and qualified general performance in all governmental institutions. Furthermore, he emphasized on the need for a sense of responsibility in performing the assigned tasks in order to elevate the overall performance to achieve the development and progress.

Monday, 25 November 2019 06:51

Welcoming first grade students

The Computer Engineering Department welcomed the first grade students Monday, 11-11-2019 in the conference hall with the presence of (Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassan J. Hassan on behalf of the department head), administrative deputy (Dr. Ahmed S. Kareem), branches heads, registration division director, and some faculty members.

The students were briefed on the semesters system adopted this year, which is an electronic system for distributing the students on the department branches, and selecting the courses with the help of the academic counselor to guide the students in their academic path.

After the guided tour through the department facilities; halls, laboratories, and department library; the students were given orientation about the branches, their importance and employment prospects. Also, there was emphasis on attendance, public discipline on campus, respecting the academic staff, commitment to university uniform, and exert more diligence and perseverance to achieve success and scientific excellence.

Monday, 25 November 2019 06:46

The 1st and 2nd semester supplementary exams

The 1st and 2nd semester supplementary exams for the academic year (2018-2019) commenced on Sunday 10-11-2019.

On behalf the Computer Engineering Department Head (Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassan J. Hassan) went in inspection tour to see the examination process, also to ensure that it is conducted in the best condition and a positive atmosphere is being provided for the students.

Sunday, 24 November 2019 08:57


A number of academic staff members who had been awarded a Ph.D. degree recently, presented a series of seminars in the conference hall at the Computer Engineering Department.

In the presence of the Department head (Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sabah Al Araji), Scientific Affairs Deputy (Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassan J. Hassan), Administrative Deputy (Dr. Ahmed S. Kareem), scientific branches heads, and a group of faculty members, the seminars presented the research they addressed during their study, and debated with the audience.

Presenter Seminar Title Date
Dr. Ameer Mosa Al-Sadi Software Defined Networks (SDN) Wed


Dr. Ahmed S. Karim Cognitive Network Framework for Heterogeneous Wires Mesh Systems
Dr. Ghaida M. Abdalsahib Clustering in Mobile AdHoc Network Thu


Dr. Salma H. Abdullah Eye Gaze in Mobile Device

The Computer Engineering Department Registration Committee at the University of Technology commenced registering newly admitted morning study students for the academic year 2019-2020. The registration included all types of admission 120 on-campus, 2 martyrs family members, and 1 honer student. The entire operation concluded on 8-10-2019, after four days of the admission results announcement.

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