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    DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER Engineering - UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY E-LEARNING USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM E-learning has been activated in the Department of Computer Engineering as directed by the Presidency of the University of Technology as follows: - Design and launch the registration form to obtain the official mail for students of preliminary studies on the link (https://goo.gl/YVKxS6) And graduate students on the link (https://goo.gl/uDuKkB).  - Addressing the Information Technology Center to establish the official accounts of the registered students, which up to now 14 students. - Start the establishment of electronic classes for postgraduate studies and add the teachers and their students according to the scientific materials, the number of electronic classes so far is 6 electronic row. Video tutorial on how to use the e-learning environment Google Classroom. E-classes that are active so far: No. Study Stage Branch Class Lecturer No.of Students 1 M.Sc. - - Thesis Writing-Skill Prof. Dr. Salih M. Al-Qarraawi 14 2 M.Sc. - - Optical Communications Asst. Prof. Dr. Ryadh Jabbar 14 3 M.Sc. - - Image Processing Lect. Dr. Hassan J. Hassan 14 4 M.Sc. - - Network and Information Security Asst. Prof. Dr. Shaima Hameed 14 5 M.Sc. - - Advanced Microprocessor Lect. Dr. Hassan A. Jeiad 14 6 M.Sc. - - Wireless Sensor Network: Systems and Applications Lect. Dr. Ayman Dawood 14

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Academic staff

Rank of Professor
Name CV
Ahmed Sabah Abd-Alameer
Emad Hussain Marza Al Husseini
Assistant Professor Rank
Name CV
Mohammed Najm Abdullah
Basim Abd Albaki
Muayad Sadik Croock
Ryadh Jabbar sudani
Hassan J. Hassan
Hassan A. Jeiad
Ayman Dawood Salman
Lecturer Rank
Name CV
Ammar Abdul Amer
Sarmad A. Altaie
Sadam Kamil Alwan
Azhar Malik Atheer
Saman Hameed Amin
Nihad Ibrahim Abbas
Ahmed Saad Kareem
Ghaidaa Mtashar Abd Alsahib
Salma Humidi Abdallah
Ameer Musa Thwayni
Sama Salam Samaan
Alza Abduljabbar Mahmood
Latifa Abdullah Dawood Abdullah
Assistant Lecturer Rank
Name CV
Ibrahim Adel Ibrahim
Study leave
Saja Diah Khader
Israa Ali Abdul Razaq
Rand Ali Abd Al-Hussein
Zinah J. Mohammed
Sarmad Fouad Yaseen
Zeina Sabah Ismail Fellowship 
Ali Abdul Razzaq Tarash
Saif Ghassan Muhammed
Ali Imad Kazem
Nibras Sabih Abbas
Ahmed Musa
Raad Mijbel Ali
Omer Naufal
Mohamed Aref
Noor abdul Khaliq
Amthal Khaleel
Rasool Fadhil
Dhari Ali Mahmood
Suhad Qassem Haddad
Zainab Saeed Hameed
maternity leave
Zainab Mahmood Fadhel
Sahar Adel Abood
Yasser Hilal Hadi Saleh
Mortadha Daoud Mohammed Ali
Mariam Abd Alminam Salih
Unpaid leave
Athraa Abdel Hadi Hassan
Zahra Abbas Hassan
Huda Ahmed Abdel Rahman
Safa Kamel Hanan
Beida Abd al-Jabbar Hassouni

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