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Within the framework of the National Program against Drugs and the Use of Sports Doping, a seminar was held at the Department of Computer Engineering on Sunday, 19/11/2017, given by the Ministry of Youth / Awareness and Development Department - Sports Medicine Department, lecturers discussed the dangers of headaches and the use of sports stimulants, In the body, Additionally it is smashing the spirit of youth within our children, especially university students. The lecture was attended by the administrative assistant (Dr. Hassan Oheid Jeyad) and praised the symposium and the efforts of the Ministry of Youth in this regard.

In cooperation with Zain, the Graduate Unit of the Department of Computer Engineering held a workshop entitled "Adaptation to the Work Environment" and in coordination with lecturers from Zain. The lecturers explained the modern methods and methods in dealing with the work environment and the methods of dealing with the managers and employees. The workshop was organized by the graduate follow-up unit in the Department of Computer Engineering. The workshop was attended by a number of students and graduates.

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