Wednesday, 11 December 2019 07:05

The Computer Engineering Department awards a Master of Science degree

A graduate student from the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Technology (Hala Jamal Hadi) has been awarded a Master of Science degree in “Automated Mobile Robot Movement for Pre-Defined Paths”, on 10 October, 2019 at the conference hall of the Computer Engineering Department.

This thesis presents an indoor automated navigation method for wheeled mobile robot, In order to perform the necessary services like the ability to reach the places that can’t be reached by people.

The proposed method is based on paths following, obstacle avoidance and localization part to ensure reaching targets to the required goal. The wheeled mobile robot which is controlled via Raspberry Pi3 microcomputer follows the paths for different distances in a predefined map which are constructed based on QR codes markers, these markers is placed at specific points and targets and contains information about the locations that needed to reach, it can be scanned using Raspberry Pi camera using image processing techniques which is supported by Zbar and open CV libraries. The distances between two points is measured using number of wheel's rotations which can be calculated using optical encoders. The obstacles are detected and avoided using obstacle avoidance algorithm which is supported by TOF technique to ensure safety returning the path. The mobile robot is connected wirelessly to local area network using Wi-Fi connection, in order to monitor the overall navigation via a privet website. Several programming languages (Python, PHP and Javascript) as well as (CSS and HTW) were used in web site and control operation during system design. The experimental results demonstrated that the system has safe and accurate, navigation in suitable conditions. The accuracy of distance easurement was 97% for the navigation on the flat surface and 80% for uneven surfaces.

The discussion committee consisted of four members, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Qasim Ibrahim from the Baghdad University, College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department as Chairman, Asst. Prof. Dr. Safana Madhar Raafat from the University of Technology – Iraq, Control and Systems Engineering Department as a member, Dr. Nihad Ibrahim Abbas from the University of Technology – Iraq, Computer Engineering Department as a member, and Prof. Dr. Salih Mahdi Muarig from the University of Technology – Iraq, Control and Systems Engineering Department as a member and supervisor.