Thursday, 23 May 2019 06:10

The implementation of government program (Computer Engineering Department visiting professor)

Prof. Dr. Eng. Hamed S. Al-Rowaishidi, from Brunel University London, UK, was invited to the Computer Engineering Department at the University of Technology to be a visiting professor to give a lecture on future research in Computer Engineering, Networking and Information Technology on Tuesday, 23-April-2019 as a part of implementing the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research governmental program.

The lecture was presented in the presence of the department head, Prof. Dr. Eng. Ahmed S. Al-Araji, accompanied by his deputies, head of branches, and faculty members. The lecture was focused on developing the faculty members skills in the preparation of research in the department relevant engineering specializations. Furthermore, it introduced the useful mechanism to publish in the indexed, and reputed scientific journals.

In addition, the visiting professor discussed the importance of constructing a specialized research center for communications and information technology to cope with the huge and rapid development in this field. All the presented topics were aimed towards serving the department, university, community, and our beloved country.

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