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    DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER Engineering - UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY E-LEARNING USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM E-learning has been activated in the Department of Computer Engineering as directed by the Presidency of the University of Technology as follows: - Design and launch the registration form to obtain the official mail for students of preliminary studies on the link (https://goo.gl/YVKxS6) And graduate students on the link (https://goo.gl/uDuKkB).      - Addressing the Information Technology Center to establish the official accounts of the registered students. - Start the establishment of electronic classes for postgraduate studies and add the teachers and their students according to the scientific materials. Video tutorial on how to use the e-learning environment Google Classroom. E-learning classes 2020-2021

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Postgraduate Affairs

  1. The Division prepares the admission plan of the postgraduate studies in coordination with the head of the department and the Scientific Committee for the purpose of approving the number of open seats for various academic acceptance channels.

  2. The Division is responsible for distribution of application forms for students who wish to apply and receiving the forms after verifying the validity of its information.

  3. Prepare all requirements for the competitive exam including the announcement of the examination date, location of the examination hall and organizing the process of participation of students who applied to perform the competitive exam.

  4. Announcement of initial results of the competitive exam after they are audited by an electronic system Specialized for postgraduate studies and under the supervision of the Department of postgraduate Studies in the University's Presidency.

  5. Registering The accepted students by opening a file for each student accepted in the postgraduate studies within the division and which contains all the belongings of the student (evidential papers and administrative orders for the acceptance of the student in postgraduate studies).

  6. The follow-up of the accepted students affairs including students' commitment with attendance, organizing a form with degrees of courses(first and second), process of Student transition to the stage of research and issuing the orders related to success or failure of the students.

  7. The follow-up of issuing an administrative order to supervise the postgraduate students who moved to the stage of research and nominate their supervisors in coordination with the head of the department and the Scientific Committee.

  8. preparation of seminars schedule for the postgraduate students related to the research subject for each student.

  9. Follow-up (the attendance of postgraduate students / research stage) weekly according to special record.

  10. Issuing administrative orders related to scientific evaluation of the theses provided by the students and designate the discussion Committees for it.

  11. Prepare the discussion hall for theses in the department in coordination with the student and head of the department.

  12. Granting the graduated students official documents (documents in degrees / without degrees / Arabic / English).

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