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    DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER Engineering - UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY E-LEARNING USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM E-learning has been activated in the Department of Computer Engineering as directed by the Presidency of the University of Technology as follows: - Design and launch the registration form to obtain the official mail for students of preliminary studies on the link (https://goo.gl/YVKxS6) And graduate students on the link (https://goo.gl/uDuKkB).  - Addressing the Information Technology Center to establish the official accounts of the registered students, which up to now 14 students. - Start the establishment of electronic classes for postgraduate studies and add the teachers and their students according to the scientific materials, the number of electronic classes so far is 6 electronic row. Video tutorial on how to use the e-learning environment Google Classroom. E-classes that are active so far: No. Study Stage Branch Class Lecturer No.of Students 1 M.Sc. - - Thesis Writing-Skill Prof. Dr. Salih M. Al-Qarraawi 14 2 M.Sc. - - Optical Communications Asst. Prof. Dr. Ryadh Jabbar 14 3 M.Sc. - - Image Processing Lect. Dr. Hassan J. Hassan 14 4 M.Sc. - - Network and Information Security Asst. Prof. Dr. Shaima Hameed 14 5 M.Sc. - - Advanced Microprocessor Lect. Dr. Hassan A. Jeiad 14 6 M.Sc. - - Wireless Sensor Network: Systems and Applications Lect. Dr. Ayman Dawood 14

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Educational guidance Committee

Name Class
Asst. Lect. Zainab Mahmood Fadhel 1st -  IE
Asst. Lect. Hussein Ali Atallah 1st -  IE (evening)
Asst. Lect. Noor abdul Khaliq 2nd -  IE
Lect. Azhar Malik Atheer 2nd -  IE (evening)
Asst. Lect. Saja Diah Khader 3rd -  IE
Asst. Lect. Ghaidaa Mtashar Abd Alsahib 4th -  IE
Asst. Lect. Yasser Hilal Hadi 1st -  NE
Asst. Lect. Omer Naufal 1st -  NE (evening)
Lect. Nihad Ibrahim Abbas 2nd -  NE
Lect. Saman Hameed Amin 3rd -  NE
Asst. Lect. Sarmad Fouad Yaseen 4th -  NE


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