vision,mission and objectives

The Vision:
The scientific vision of the department revolves around enriching students with potencies and the practical engineering expertise related to the nature of the university of Technology where the vision of the department becomes clear through engineering specialties (departments) by preparing qualified engineers ,supporting scientific research, providing technical advice in the areas of specialty and serving the society.

The Mission:
Educating and providing the work market(governmental institutions and private sector) with qualified staffs whom are specialized in computer engineering and IT to serve institutions interested in building software using the information technology throughout consulting, designing and constructing in IT field to conduct researches and studies in the mentioned above fields, Software and Computer Engineering.

The Goals:

The department aims to achieve the following:
  1. Preparing highly qualified and trained staff in the field of computer engineering, software, and IT whom are able to contribute to the establishment of developed IT and software industry in Iraq.
  2. Providing consultation along with the scientific and technical support to the institutions interested in building software using IT in its different forms.
  3. Conducting researches and studies in the fields of IT, computer and software engineering.
  4. Spreading awareness of science in the fields of computers, IT and software through continuous education programs.
  5. Participating in conferences, forums and workshops with other colleges and institutions specialized in the same fields.
  6. Reaching the highest level in quality measures and academic credibility.
  7. Providing the best education for its students and pursuing their progress after graduation.
  8. Graduating the best quality of engineers with high comprehension, knowledge and mental preparation level who can do their best at actual work.
  9. The implementation of electronic automation of inputs and outputs in addition to electronic administration.
  10. Provide a favorable environment for theoretical and practical teaching by using the latest tools and devices.

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